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LabPlanet is your store for Chromatography Products. We carry chromatography columns, guard columns and fittings for HPLC Chromatography. Our brands include Merck, E.S. Industries, and Perkin Elmer. Looking for HPLC fittings? We carry Swagelok fittings too. Do you need autosampler vials? We have an extensive selection of vials and caps.

What about gas chromatography? We have a large capillary GC column selection from HP, J&W, Restek, and more. We can supply you with a gc syringes, fittings, and any size of graphite ferrule that you need as well.

If it’s thin layer chromatography, TLC or an HPTLC method in your application, then LabPlanet is the place. What’s your TLC stationary phase: Normal phase silica gel, cellulose, or aluminum oxide? Reverse phase C8 or C18? Do you need a fluorescent indicator? Glass backed, aluminum backed, or flexible TLC sheets? It's all here.

We also carry columns and packing for LC such as ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography. Pall and Perkin Elmer manufacture prepacked columns, which we have available. Flash chromatography columns, packing and prepacked columns from Kemtech America and Agela Technologies and others. We can supply you with a chromatography refrigerator too. When it comes to chromatography, you don’t have to go anywhere else but LabPlanet.com.