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Flasks are the workhorses of the laboratory. An Erlenmeyer flask in the lab is like the saw in the carpenters shop. Like the Erlenmeyer, a filtering flask (vacuum) is almost as necessary. Chemistry beakers and flasks are present in just about any type of laboratory.

Lab glassware is not just made of glass; polypropylene, polycarbonate, and PTFE (Teflon) is some of the other materials for vessels in the lab. Plastic Erlenmeyer flasks can be purchased sterile. Speaking of sterile flasks, vitro culture flasks are available through LabPlanet.

Class A volumetric flasks come next in importance. Whether you need a 50 ml volumetric flask or a 1000 ml volumetric flask, LabPlanet is your source. Process laboratories make extensive use of flat bottom boiling flasks and round bottom boiling flasks for extractions. For keeping things cold rather than heating them a Dewar flask (liquid nitrogen) is necessary.

Corning Pyrex glassware (laboratory) and Kimble Kimax flasks are the first names which come to mind but there are other manufacturers of laboratory glassware. AceGlass, Wilmad Labglass, and Chemglass manufacture laboratory flasks as well. Don't wait until your purchasing department decides to order for you, use your company or university credit card and call LabPlanet to get the glassware you need now.

Laboratory flasks

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