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How efficient is your glassware washer? Our experiments and analyses are only as good as our glassware is clean. Glassware washers or

warewashers are available in many sizes and configurations. Most manufacturers like Miele, SP Industries, and Labconco have options such as DI rinse or a pump assisted DI rinse (for when the house supplied DI is does not have sufficient pressure). Some offer a built in water softener for the wash cycle to ensure the detergent works efficiently. What about those graduated cylinders or volumetric flasks or narrow necked flasks or extraction tubes that seem so hard to clean? How about the smaller items like petri dishes and culture tubes and BOD bottles? Labconco, Meile, and SP Industries have special racks, spindles, and injectors to make sure your most intricate glassware is cleaned. These laboratory glassware washers are industrial strength and designed to give years and years of reliable service. For help in choosing one of these glassware washers for your laboratory please phone or email our knowledgeable laboratory group at 800-504-7309 Option 4 or sales@labplanet.com.

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SP Industries Washer Vert W/DI NLW-1395-DS
SP Industries Washer Vert W/DI NLW-1395-DS
List price $18,315.80
Miele Labwasher Dual Level 208 V G7804VWRB
Miele Labwasher Dual Level 208 V G7804VWRB
List price $10,071.88