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Syringes of every kind are on sale at Lab Planet. What syringe type are you looking for? A medical disposable plastic syringe, or a medical reusable syringe? Non-medical gastight syringe or autosampler syringe? LabPlanet has a vast selection of medical syringes and needles to meet every laboratory or medical need. Do you need a Luer-Lok tip syringe or a Luer-Slip tip, or a cemented needle? We have it! Speaking of needles, we can supply disposable needles, reusable needles, bevel tip needles, and blunt tip needles of any needle gauge and length. On LabPlanet you can find BD syringes and needles, Terumo, Kendall, Tyco, Hamilton Gastight, Cadence Science (Popper Needles). What about needle safety and biohazard needle disposal? We carry sharps biohazard containers in every size and for every function. We also carry Luer filters and Luer stopcocks.

Medical syringes with needles

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