Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L

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Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L

Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L is one of the many quality laboratory and scientific products we have to offer at very competitive pricing. Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L / 97002-404image is part of a wide selection of Sanyo Steam autoclaves or sterilizers. Combining excellent quality with an affordable price, the Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L / 97002-404 can meet your scientific research needs while still offering a good value for a budget conscious end user. If you have any questions about any of our Steam autoclaves or sterilizers please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for further guidance.

Space-efficient portable autoclaves provide a convenient alternative to using a centralized building autoclave for sterilizing media and instruments. These units are designed for individual lab use and can be conveniently wheeled from one lab to another. Model 97002-402 has a low enough profile to be stored under a lab bench when not in use. Both autoclaves feature a total of 12 preset programs to choose from on a simple-to-operate control panel with LED temperature and timer indicators. Programs are grouped by four functions - sterilizing, sterilizing/keep warm, melting/keep warm, instrument sterilizing - with three variations each. Despite the compact outer dimensions of these autoclaves, they can hold eight (97002-402) or 12 (97002-404) 1L flasks.

To ensure safety, the swing-up autoclave door remains locked when pressure or temperature is high. Other safety features include an insulated pressure valve, over-temperature limiter, short circuit breaker, and scorch-prevention function. Autoclaves are made with heat-insulating resin coating, rounded corners, top-mounted control panel, clip-on drainage hose, exhaust tank that is easy to fill and empty, and lever locking system. Sterilizing temperature is controlled by the microprocessor to within 2C of the set temperature in the 115 to 135C (239 to 275F) range. Prerecorded voice messages announce each step of the process. Integrated cool-down fan decreases waiting time to access sterilized contents. Air vent control can be set to allow automatic release after sterilizing is complete.

Wire baskets are stackable with no protrusions on the outer surface. Each basket holds four 1L flasks or two 50-tube racks. Each perforated bucket holds a 3L flask. Perforated bucket 14236-054 is stackable. Waste materials can be put directly into solid buckets for sterilization. Both perforated and solid buckets have a handle and a smooth inner surface to prevent sterilization bags from tearing.

Exterior Dimensions:47.8W x 63.2D x 74.8H cm47.8W x 63.2D x 96.5H cm
(1813/16 x 247/8 x 297/16")(1813/16 x 247/8 x 38")
Chamber Dimensions:37dia. x 41.5D cm37dia. x 64D cm
(149/16 x 165/16")(149/16 x 253/16")
Usable Chamber Height*:48 cm (187/8")70.5 cm (273/4")
Sterilization Temperature:115 to 135C (239 to 275F)115 to 135C (239 to 275F)
Maximum Pressure:235 kPa (34.14 psi)235 kPa (34.14 psi)
Unit Weight:61 kg (134.5 lbs.)70 kg (154 lbs.)
Electrical:120V, 60Hz, 20A208/230V, 60Hz, 30A
*Includes recess in lid.

Specifications for Sanyo Sterilizer Autoclave Port 75L MLS-3781L:

Capacity, L (cu. ft.):72 (2.6)
Sanyo No.:MLS-3781L
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